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Natalie and Jonathan

We adored working with Natalie and her Mum to design her dream wedding flowers for her marriage to Jonathan last Summer at church followed by marquee reception at Osmaston Park.

Natalie wanted to create a glamorous and opulent effect with her wedding flowers, to include hydrangeas, peonys and roses in abundance.

It was an easy decision for us to make choosing Kerry to do our flowers. From when I saw Tineke at Swancar farm I wanted them for our wedding. I thought their floral arrangements were just amazing, plus they have a brilliant reputation. My vision for our wedding was flowers, flowers, flowers- and I knew that I would get the best of the best from Tineke.
After coming across Tineke at Swancar Farm, I began following them on social media- this just further confirmed that I wanted Tineke to provide the flowers for our special day. Once we had set the date and booked the venue I contacted Kerry immediately to meet up with her in the hope we could secure Tineke for our date.
Kerry was amazing! From our initial meeting at the mill, I knew she understood my vision and through the whole process, Kerry couldn’t have been more helpful, always going out of her way to make things possible. I had seen an image of a cake table which was made up of flowers underneath a piece of Perspex, the cake then stood on top. I showed Kerry the image and said I’d love something like it and she was more than happy to try and make that happen for us. Unfortunately due to the weight of the cake this was not possible but Kerry was able to provide a much better and more suitable alternative in our wonderful ring of flowers. Also, I had mentioned that ideally I would love peonies in my bridal bouquet and Kerry explained that in August they are just out of season, again suggesting similar alternatives that would work just as well. However, Kerry worked her magic and when the bouquets were delivered on the wedding day I had beautiful peonies!! A wonderful surprise on the morning of our wedding. I couldn’t have wished for a better team or experience.
There isn’t a thing I would change about our wedding flowers. They were absolutely PERFECT!! So many guests commented on how stunning the arrangements were. They were exactly as I imagined and the marquee looked beyond amazing. I love looking back at the images of our wedding and each time I scroll past a floral arrangement my comment is always “oh I loved my flowers”. I’ve told so many people they were my favourite thing about the day- the flowers and marrying my husband of course! I am so happy that we chose Kerry and Tineke- it was an obvious choice really- the flowers were everything we could have wished for and the team were so helpful and accommodating. My Dad commented that our flowers were worth “every single penny”.
I cannot thank you all enough, Kerry and team, for making my vision become reality!

Francesca and Jonathan

We were so honoured to create the beautiful wedding flowers in Derbyshire for Fran and Jonathan last Spring time.

Fran really wanted Lily of the Valley for sentimental reasons, which worked stunning with her Peonys against her gorgeous bridal gown.

We asked Fran for feedback following her experience with Tineke, and this is what she said - made our day!

Flowers were probably one of if not the most important thing to me as a bride. I had a very clear image of what I wanted but also the meaning behind some of the flowers - such as having lily of the valley a favourite of my grandma who had passed away.

How did you come across Tineke?  Through (friendly) stalking of Instagram and Facebook. Looking at both friends of friends weddings, Derbyshire weddings etc.  I kept seeing what turned out to be Tineke flowers and kept messaging people or following the tags to find out who had done the wedding flowers. As each time no matter what colour or time of year they were stunning. 


Why did you book Tineke? Honestly - it was on first impression - from the first email message to meeting Kerry and team in her studio, seeing wedding flowers in production that very day and just getting a really good feeling from the ideas Kerry had. That initial meeting was very important as Kerry listened, proposed ideas, wrote everything down and really made me feel comfortable. I had met another florist previously and her meeting room was full of fake flowers which really put me off!


How important were flowers for your wedding day? Flowers were probably one of if not the most important thing to me as a bride. I had a very clear image of what I wanted but also the meaning behind some of the flowers - such as having lily of the valley a favourite of my grandma who had passed away. 


How did you find your experience with Tineke? Excellent - so much so I recommended to my best friend Vikki who also used for her wedding. 


Is there anything that you would change? I would have taken/got the photographers to take lots more photos of the flowers. I wish I had also preserved my wedding bouquet or asked how to do it! 


Angela and Jordan

We loved working on the beautiful wedding flowers for Angela and Jordan who were married at the West Mills at Darley Abbey.

The Bride chose a beautiful selection of Proteas, Ranunculus, amaranthus, Thisles and Gypsophilia in rich jewel like colours, to complement their rich coloured bridesmaid dresses.

Images kindly supplied by Sarah Gray Photography.

Please contact us if you are looking for wedding flowers in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and beyond.


Bridal flowers ready for the Bride

Bridal flowers ready for the Bride

Wedding flowers by award winning florist Tineke at West Mill Wedding venue Darley Abbey
Gypsophila bridesmaid bouquets at The West Mill Wedding Venue in Derbyshire
West Mill Darley Abbey Wedding Flowers
Flower crowns for bridesmaids at West Mill Darley Abbey
Flower crown ideas for bridesmaids by award winning floral designer Tineke.
Bridal bouquet in rich jewel colours with proteas.
Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets and wedding flowers at West Mill Darley Abbey, Derbyshire
Ivy backdrop wedding venue styling at West Mill Darley Abbey, Derbyshire.
Ivy hoop backdrop for wedding venue styling at West Mill Darley Abbey, Derbyshire.
Bridal bouquet in rich jewel colours by Derbyshire Florist Tineke.
Wedding bouquet details and finishing touches
West Mill wedding venue flowers by Tineke floral design Derbyshire.
Red and blue vibrant bridal bouquet by Derbyshire florist Tineke. Featured at West Mill wedding venue.
Confetti shot with bridal bouquet at West Mill Darley Abbey wedding venue.
Bridal bouquet and gypsophila bridesmaid bouquets Derbyshire.
West Mill Darley Abbey Wedding Venue with vibrant bridal bouquet by Tineke Floral Designs
Vibrant table setting flowers at West Mill Darley Abbey by Tineke floral designs.

Wedding help and advice from Tineke


wedding flowers derby Wedding help and advice from Tineke floral designs and friends...

Hello! We hope the sun is shining where you are, we are in full swing here at Tineke, busy creating lots of beautiful blooms for all the wonderful spring weddings coming up! You may have seen that our very own Kerry & Andy have recently got engaged WOOHOO! We are totally over the moon for them both. It got us thinking, wouldn't it be nice to share what it's like when you're planning a wedding when you work in the industry?

Over the next few months we'll be sharing tips, advice and good old checklists about the different stages of planning a wedding and we'll even be throwing in some industry insider knowledge and experiences too! One thought on everyone's mind we're sure are 'Kerry's flowers!' We'll definitely be covering those too, along with discussing: venues, guest lists, THE DRESS, choosing your bridal party, catering and much more. If there's anything you'd like to see us cover, just let us know!

Today, we're going to start right at the beginning! The engagement and what on earth do you think about first?

Wedding help and advice from Tineke floral designs and friends

Source: Etsy

First things first where's that champagne!? Celebrate just the two of you, this a really special moment, and ladies, whether you knew it was coming or not, nothing can prepare you for the most amazing feeling when you say 'yes!' and there's a little sparkle on your finger! Chances are that wearing your engagement ring will take some getting used to and all of a sudden you'll be flamboyantly taking with your hands! Which leads us on to the next little tip.

Get those hands and nails looking fabulous. We're not sure you need an excuse to go out and buy some new nail polish or a luxurious hand cream but what are you waiting for? Everyone is going to want to see your beautiful ring, so why not show it off? How about a lovely French manicure or your fave nail colour with your ring finger a different colour?

Wedding help and advice from Tineke floral designs and friends

Source: Brooke Images

Next up it's time to tell your close friends and family, and what a great moment this will be. Prepare to be overwhelmed by everyone's happiness for you and your cheeks will be aching from all the smiling! Whether you choose to have lots of intimate moments, throw a big bash or send out surprise 'We're Engaged Cards' make sure you treasure this experience.

Wedding help and advice from Tineke floral designs and friends

Source: Southern Weddings

So now you've celebrated, you've let everyone know, you're still getting used to saying Fiancé but it's starting to sink in! What's next?

"The weird thing is, I help with so many weddings, but feel totally lost about budget!" Kerry.

There's nothing like the talk of money to bring you back down to earth, we know it's boring and practical but it's a necessary part of your wedding planning. Nothing has to be final at this stage but having an idea of your budget and expectations will make things a lot easier. Try thinking about how much you can realistically save up, the length of engagement you'd like and it's good to know if any family members will be contributing to the wedding fund also.

Wedding help and advice from Tineke floral designs and friends

Source: Temptation Gifts

Hand in hand with the budget come the ideas. What sort of wedding do you want? Small and intimate, a grand affair or a jet setting destination wedding? Begin with a little research and find out what's important to you both, what you styles you like and DON'T and who needs an excuse to get pinning!?

Being in the industry we often use Pinterest for inspiration and to keep up to date with current wedding trends but nothing beats starting your own pin board full of beautiful things that could become a reality. A little word of warning! It's totally addictive and easy to wind up creating a whole host of different styled weddings. Stay true to yourselves and use it as a guide, we'd also recommend having a read of wedding blogs. Seeing how real brides and grooms planned their wedding day can be a huge inspiration and you may even find suppliers you like the look of.

Wedding help and advice from Tineke floral designs and friends

Finally and perhaps most importantly, enjoy it, relax, take your time to remember special moments and fall wholeheartedly in love with being engaged!

A little word from Tineke & Friends

"I am absolutely loving being engaged and cannot wait to be a Bride as I thought it would never happen! We have been together for over 12 years - Andy is my best friend, and always so supportive of me and the business! We are thinking about Italy for the venue, so far that’s a bit of a minefield!" Bride to be Kerry @ Tineke Floral Designs!

And in case you were wondering about the picture of the Converse shoes... this is where Andy hid THE ring for 2 weeks!

Over to the lovely Karen, our friend and business associate at Darby and Joan Vintage...

Your wedding day should be a reflection of you and your other half. That is what we do best at Darby & Joan.  We have spent the last three years creating relaxed weddings that add personality and heart.

As a wedding supplier myself, I can't stress enough the importance of you finding people and companies who understand you and get where you are going with your plans.  I spend hours and hours with my couples: meetings, venue visits, telephone calls, endless emails and a couple of days setting up and delivering on the day itself.  You will be spending a whole lot of time with these people and you should like them!   Whether we are talking about a florist, a photographer, a wedding planner or a caterer you should come away from your meetings with them feeling confident in their abilities and on top of the world that you have found someone who you trust to bring something special to the wedding.  Of course personal recommendations and checking out their portfolio of previous weddings and events are important too and their communication with you during the whole process will be a good indicator of their ethics and commitment to you - and this all comes down to trust.  How a supplier makes you feel in those first couple of hours of meeting is ridiculously important.   We won the Best National Venue Stylist Award for the National Wedding Industry Awards 2014 recently and one of the reasons was our customer service.  We won the award because of our commitment to each event and because we really are rather good at it!

If you want to have an all out themed wedding where every inch of it has been planned and executed to perfection, then do it.  You may lose a little sleep during the process but that is where a wedding planner or stylist can come to your rescue and pull your ideas together and execute it all for you on the day.

It is so worth sitting down in the early days to address how much you can afford to spend.  Decide what are the most important aspects to you guys.  Is it a show stopping venue? A dress to die for?  A photographer to capture every minute or do you want to spoil your guests with a fabulous meal and entertainment to wow?   It is your day and you should spend your money on areas that YOU revel in and get excited about - it shouldn't be about a subconscious competition with a friend who got married last year and certainly shouldn't be about outside pressures from family to follow traditions that don't reflect you as a couple.

Getting creative - a little research on Etsy can pay dividends if you are a relatively creative bride who wants to add a touch of personality to their day.  It is an on-line market-place bursting at the seams with wedding day ideas, accessories, fashion and now they even have their own wedding gift list.

So, my wedding day?  We skipped tradition and got married in Las Vegas.  A two week holiday with both sets of parents where we spent a week in Vegas then hopped over to San Francisco for a week's honeymoon with the parents in tow.  A white trouser suit and a pair of Jimmy Choo sparkly sandals.  We did it our way and we wouldn't have it any other way. karen2