How far in advance do I need to book my wedding florist? We take bookings up to 2 years in advance, but some people book very close to their wedding. I would recommend securing the date as soon as you feel comfortable, and then the final details and decisions can be made later.

When do I have to make my final decisions? We like to finalise all details 8 weeks before.

How do I choose the best flowers for my wedding? We always recommend using flowers that are in season, there is something beautiful about seeing Peonys and knowing it was a Summer wedding and tulips in Spring for example. Cost and quality is also better if the flowers are in season.

How do I make an appointment? Please email us to check our availability for your wedding date and then we can arrange a mutually convenient time.

How do I budget for my wedding flowers? Flower prices vary so so much depending on the variety, designs and time of year. It is always best to be upfront with the kind of budget you are comfortable with so that we can guide you in the right direction from the start. On average, our brides spend approximately £1600 for bridal party flowers and venue decor. We also have brides spending from £150 for flowers available for collection, all the way over £10, 000! So you can see how much they can vary.

How do you ensure that the flowers stay fresh for the whole day? We carefully condition each and every stem days before your wedding, looking after them right until we hand them over. They also arrive in water where possible, and many people comment that they look great for days, some even say weeks!